september 18 2022

just caught up with all of my work, so i figured i stop by and do a quick update ! i joined a few clubs to see if i would be interested in them -- there're alright for the most part, i'm not really that outgoing so it's hard to put myself out there. good thing i'm getting used to being by myself hehe, it doesn't bother me as much anymore to be honest. i joined a couple zine clubs/organizations since it's similar to my interests, i've never made a zine before though. it sounds pretty cool though, i'll try out it for a bit ! I also ended up going to the 3D printing club, which i forgot that a lot of engineering students also have an interest in. i don't really know anyone there, so i'm just there to make stuff because i like to ! We'll see how it goes !

after these past couple weeks, i realized that the so called "syllabus week" is a joke. the first week only i had assignments from almost all of my classes. i also think i underestimated how much work art students are given, i just finished two major projects - one that involved using 100 pieces of paper, and one recently that involved 25lb of clay. and that was only an intro studio class...
alright this is getting a bit long so i'll finish up here, hope to stop by here in a few weeks or so !

august 28 2022

I was able to sneak in a couple minutes to update this page after my first weekend of university ! it was a bit draining at first to be honest, and it still is, but i did have a lot of fun meeting new people, as well as my roommate !! I keep getting lost whenever I'm trying to go somewhere by myself, which I know I have to get used to since I don't really know anyone in my classes. Hopefully some point soon I will be able to navigate around campus without Google Maps, or else I might be running late to everything I'm going to. Especially this week, since it's officially the first week of classes. I heard that it's not supposed to be too bad as professors are just getting you adjusted to their class, so I hope I don't get any work this week. There's clubs that I want to join too, some things that I was thinking about joining was the publishing organization, broadcast program, and 3D printing club. Also the design club for black students, hopefully that runs up again ! I'm not sure why but I find myself too lazy to go their open house (as I'm sitting right now I was planning to leave my dorm to go to the open house of my school's radio program. Hmm...maybe once the involvement fair starts I'll get the willpower to move across campus again.

I'm in the honors community (and live in the honors dorms), and it feels kinda weird being the only arts major that i know of. It's not a bad thing or anything, but everyone else that i know in the community is a STEM major or psych major. It's actually interesting seeing what my floormates have to as apart of their major, I just wish I had someone I could relate to in terms of school work. T-T

Well, I'll see if I can update this page more often, I'm not sure what "more often" means yet, but we'll see...

august 9 2022

it's been quite a while since i've last updated this site, i'm glad that i've finally gotten around to updating it ! since my last post, i've officially became a high school graduate ! i don't really know how to best describe/summarize the whole experience, but it was definetly an experience that had left me learning a few things. I think the biggest takeaway from it was the fact that my desire to be accepted and liked by others (something that i'm still working on hhhh) left me to feel so constricted and drained. I constantly felt as though I would have to stray away from my actual self in order to not conflict with others, but in the end i realized that it only led to more frustration. At the end of the day, just being yourself will really make you happier in the long run.

Moving onto other stuff that has happened in the past few months, I've finally gotten my driver's license after 2 years !! Why it took me so long to get it, I wish I knew ! It's pretty freeing, and I'm glad that I got it (even though the road test was on the same day of my graduation). I was also lucky to travel again to Cameroon, my second time visiting since 2014. Of course, my fluency in speaking french is pretty rough, but I had an easier time understanding it (thanks to those 2 years of high school french !!) I'll be honest, initially I didn't want to go because I planned to save as much money as possible before I head to college, but I'm pretty glad that I went. Visiting gave me the chance to get a better grasp of the culture and history of my ethnicity, especially while visiting my parents' villages. I think being away from home also took my mind off a lot of things, I found myself not anxiously scrolling through my phone as much and doing other things (maybe not having internet connection wasn't so bad after all)...

I have just a couple weeks left before I leave for university, so hopefully I get a chance to revamp this site and update it more often !! I think...

february 28 2022

wow!!! it's been so long since i've last updated this page, i missed going on here !! school and work have me barely able to update as much as i would've liked, i really wish i could go on here more often....planning to revamp this site soon though !! anyways i have about 3-4 months left until graduation, i'm honestly done at this point (senioritis is starting to kick in). i'm really anxious but also excited about college decisions, i hope i atleast get into some of the schools that i applied to !! especially since i've spent nearly all of my time working on my portfolio (which im actually still working on for one more school (´;д;`) ) suprisingly i like working on it but i cant seem to ever focus on just one piece. it makes me miss the times i would draw as a hobby... i'm trying to stay motivated to finish my work, i really am. but it's so difficult when you feel drained nearly every moment of the day. hopefully one day i get myself together and just be more productive...hopefully....

march 28 2021

ahhh it's been so long again, i feel bad for not updating as much as i should !! lately life has felt like such a drag to be honest, especially school !! but im glad that i'm almost done (just under 3 months left). fortunately, i finally got new glasses after wearing my old ones for nearly 3 years !! i love them a lot, and i finally feel a lot more confident about my looks for once !! change is a nice thing sometimes !! a lot of other things have been happening though, i took my first sat test this week, and i'm really nervous about it. i honestly wish i didn't care that much about it, but i get really nervous when i take tests so it makes taking it a lot worse. but it's whatever !!! hope i don't forget to write in this again !!!

february 12 2021

hhhh it's been forever since I've written on here !!! school has been hectice lately, so that's why i'm barely able to go on here for awhile. hopefully i'll have more time soon to update more often !!! ┬_┬

january 15 2021

i have finally gotten around to revamping some of the pages on this site !!! it took awhile because i was hoping to go with a different theme and aesthetic, so i'm happy with how it's turned out so far !!

october 29 2020

long time no see !! im trying to be more active writing here but it's been pretty busy lately ! anyways i was really happy that i found my pen to my drawing tablet that i haven't used in awhile (so many art blocks and also so little time), so i'm hoping to use it and start drawing digitally again ! i also went thrifting a couple weeks ago and got some pretty cool flared pants, i was kinda nervous on getting them since i always felt like i looked weird in them. But so far i think they're pretty neat ! i'm looking forward to going thrifting more often and finding my style someday !! also i'm not sure why, but i have an urge to revamp some parts of the site, there's something i'm not satisfied with and im not sure what it is?? we'll see how that goes though...

october 1 2020

hey there !! it's finally october and i'm kinda excited now !! september felt like such a drag to be honest, so i'm glad that it's finally a new month, and i'm looking forward to what might happen !! online school is still hard to keep up with sometimes, but i'm getting used to it now.i recently joined my school's yearbook club and i'm enjoying it so far ! i get to design the layout of the pages and what we're going to cover this year (i just wished i joined a lot earlier when i heard about it though).

september 17 2020

long time no see !! school started for me so it's kind of hard for me to regularly update this site, but i'm trying my best ! anyways it's really draining to do digital school several days a week, but at least i get to sleep in a bit more and i have mini breaks in between. im going to try to stay on top of my work this year, which might be a lie since im a big procrascinator. on the bright side, i'm looking forward to fall weather, especially since it's my favorite season and it's not so humid anymore !! :)

august 13 2020

hello !!! this is my first post, this took awhile to come to, but i'm glad i started !!